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2011 Holiday Requests!


(Because I'm lazy. Unless I love you.
You guys know who you are.)

Expect your fill anytime
from now until December 25th.

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(/waits impatiently for your finished nano)

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Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Dramione
Prompt(s): "I like you the same way I like my coffee - iced." "You are such a fruit cake. And high - did you take too much Robitussin for your cough?"

Fandom:Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/Luna (Par-tay! Par-tay!)
Prompt(s): "I'm in your genes." "... WHAT?" "Well, we're both purebloods... therefore... we share genes?" "You may not wear my Dolce & Gabbana jeans. I will hex you." "Don't worry, my Nargles don't like incest."
Or... just use "genes", "some form of incest", etc. >.>

Sick - Dramione

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ahfksdj I'm so fail at this. ;n; Sorry for the lateness and I didn't really use all your prompts. u.u" Also: DID NOT KNOW DRACO AND HERMIONE WERE GOING TO BE SO HARD TO WRITE.


When Draco got sick last week, Hermione, being the well meaning girlfriend that she was, decided to stop by with some necessities.

“Wizards have got flying broomsticks and teleportation devices; you’d think someone would've gotten to inventing a cure for the common cold already,” she commented from his bedroom door.

Draco, sprawled across his expensive silk sheets in his antique four-poster bed looked as if he was in the very grips of death. One hand clutched a blanket to his chest and the other covered his mouth as he coughed, weakly, feebly into his cupped fingers.
Hermione rolled her eyes.

“I’ve got some soup, some warm coffee, and Robitussin for your cough,” she set the Styrofoam tray and thermos on the bedside table and the bags on the floor, “along with some extra medicine just in case the dose the Healers gave you runs out.”

There were several more pathetic coughs from Draco before grey eyes finally opened. He took several slow blinks, and then closed them again.

Hermione merely looked down at him, arms crossed. It only took her ten seconds of staring until Draco caved.

“You know, proper girlfriends would have professed their undying love and concern for me by now.”

She laughed, taking the Robitussin out of the packaging and measuring out the necessary dosage. “Why don’t you go back to Pansy, then?”

Draco made a face that quickly turned into a sneeze before groaning. This time the misery in his eyes was genuine.

Sighing, Hermione sat down on the edge of the bed, her voice softening, “Do you want your medicine first or the food?”

Draco sat up, eyeing the bottle distrustfully. “I’m not taking muggle medicine,” his expression turned sly, “not unless I get a kiss from my bossy girlfriend first.”

In response, Hermione merrily jammed the tiny tumbler full of medicine down his throat. Draco choked over the fake cherry taste. “Are you sure this isn’t going to kill me, woman? It’s more horrible than your half-giant’s newt tail stew.”

“Oh shut up, you fruit-cake.” And with that, she pressed a kiss to his lips that washed the sickly sweetness of the medicine away.

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Anyway. Onto important matters. AND WHAT IS THIS, I ALWAYS SPAM YOUR COMMENTS. MY BAD.

Fandom: Bones
Pairing/Characters: Booth/Bones, but in Sweets' POV if you want. YOU DON'T HAVE TO. B/B IS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME FLAIL WITH JOY. I JUST LOVE SWEETS, SOOO.
Prompt: Weapons humor. Har, har, I see what you did there. Polarity.

Brennan/Booth; Misconceptions

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Sweets once wrote a book about Booth and Brennan, and in it, he’d dedicated an entire chapter to the polarity of the dynamic duo’s relationship and the impact it had on both their professional and personal relationship. It’s all about the push and pull, he’d wrote, a clashing of ideals and methodology that is responsible for Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan’s success as a team. It is the same reason, he’d continued, for why even though both have sought out extensive sexual partners in the past, in the end they always end up returning to each other for emotional gratification.

Brain and heart; the logical versus the instinctive; and opposites always attract.

He’d been so smug, Sweets thought, had been so sure that he had had the chemistry of their relationship pinned down to a perfect T, dissected and analyzed and predicted to within an inch of who should make that first, final move, and how.

And Sweets wasn’t bragging when he said he was a good psychologist, a great psychologist actually, but wow if he hadn’t been totally wrong, totally flabbergasted and bowled over and Stonehenge’d by Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan.

Agent Booth had gone and taken his advice, and the next thing Sweets knew Brennan was running off to Maluku and Booth was fastidiously banging blond bombshells in Iraq. Who’d been the brains and who’d been the heart then? Because when it really came down to it, when it came down to holding someone’s hand for comfort and writing down last wishes in the darkness of a buried car, when it came down to gritting your teeth and methodically hunting down a mentor, an old friend, with a sniper’s rifle and a hard heart—how can anyone tell?

Sweets hadn’t liked talking about his book so much after that.

Watching Dr. Brennan’s amused smile as Booth knelt, one ear pressed to her heavily rounded stomach and hands resting naturally against the gentle swell of her hips, he wondered if he didn’t owe the two an apology.

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Fandom: Fairy Tail
Pairing: Gray/Lucy
Prompt: "What about camel toes, tho'?" // this? Yeah this was something legit like rainbows and ponies and sex

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Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/Characters: Dramione.
Prompt: A timely-placed bow of mistletoe at Grimmauld Place.

First time writing dramione ever! Sorry for the suckage. ;n;

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So. Hermione understood that the Malfoy heir apparent and his mother were on the Order’s side now and that, you know, they needed a place to stay since the manor was compromised and they were technically related to Sirius, but-but.

There really was something to be said for the halcyon days of when the appropriate reaction to bumping into Malfoy at Grimmauld Place was to hex the living daylights out of him.

Hermione scowled, and tried to pretend that all eyes in the room weren’t on them and the neatly tied bow of mistletoe dangling above the doorway.

Of all the stupid muggle traditions that wizards had to pick up…

“Well then,” Ginny said, clearly too amused for her own good, “get on with it.” Next to her, Ron watched goggle-eyed from the couch while Harry surreptitiously pretended that he was anywhere but here.

Malfoy glowered at the redhead, and the look was so reminiscent of his holier-than-thou attitude of Hogwarts-past that Hermione couldn't suppress a less than dainty snort.

At the noise, the blond looked down (when had he gotten so tall?). Their close proximity—his shoulders took up most of the doorway—literally forced him to look down his nose at her, and the expression was so reminiscent of itty-bitty first-year Draco that Hermione broke out into giggles.

His glower deepened. “Oh, so little miss know-it-all’s laughing at me now?”

She’d only just managed to stifle her giggles, a light retort on the tip of her tongue when Malfoy bent, and his lips were suddenly pressed against hers.

Oh, oh. Well.

Hermione’s eyes slid close without her consent at the gentle contact, shivering when large, warm hands planted themselves around her waist. Her own arms rose instinctively to clutch at Draco's sleeves.




“Hey, hey, that's enough. We’re still here you know?

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Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: ...Soi Fong/Grimmjow. I warned you about the obscurity, didn't I? KILL ME NOW
Prompt: AU, ribbons

Fandom: Inuyasha (IT'S BEEN SO LONG FOR ME TOO T_T)
Pairing: Inuyasha/Kikyou do you want to come at me with a pitchfork yet, annie? 8D
Prompt: "These words that bind", "a love so unkind", or "love, like rain". Any of them will do♥

Part 1 (THAT ICON)

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PSSSSH, YOU CAN ASK FOR A THOUSAND, INDIRA. (althoughwhetherI'ddothemallisanotherthingaltogetehr)

For your Inuyasha fill! And I'm way too lazy to pick up any pitchforks. 8D


After the fighting, after Naraku, sometimes during rainy nights Inuyasha wakes up forgetting who he’s holding in the circle of his arms. He looks down and sees long hair, inky in the darkness, spilling over pale shoulders, and then her smell—tinged with rain and regret.

Kikyou, he almost whispers, Kikyou, wake up.

And he expects her to. He expects this girl’s eyes to open, and her expression to be weary but amused. He expects a husky reprimand of hushed laughter, a you can never sleep when it rains, can you? He expects to quiet her with a kiss, tangling his fingers in her hair while she whispers of duties and early mornings, of Kaede sleeping too close in the next room.

But then the moment will pass, and Kagome, he realizes, it’s Kagome and too many years later. It’s Kagome and he loves her so much that sometimes he feels like he’ll burst with wanting, with the need to touch her and make sure she’s really there.

At the same time though, at the same time a corner of his heart sighs with something like missed opportunities and the dull edges of old aches. And he misses her—he misses Kikyou, and the quiet and the seriousness and the way she always knew to wake up for him when it rained.

Afterwards, he’s never been able to go back to sleep.

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I'm new to these parts, and totes willing to help you with this whole holiday fic thing :D

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing/Characters: Sasuke/Sakura
Prompt: Happy Christmas (War Is Over) by Damien Rice (, snow storm

Sasuke/Sakura - Building Bridges

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Ahhhhhhhh, I just realized that it's not exactly storming, and the song prompt is just kind of vaguely floating in there. >>" My apologies!


They walk side by side along the lane of snow. Behind them trail two distinct sets of forlorn footprints with a space almost wide enough to fit another person in between.

Everything is hushed—it's the snow, and Sakura likes that: she likes the soft quiet and the dead stillness, the cold and the shivers that wrack her spine.

It's Christmas Eve, and the war is over. It's Christmas Eve and Sakura and Sasuke walk side by side, together but still apart. She looks at the melancholy picture he makes out of the corner of her eye—dark hair and dark clothing startling against the white of the snow—and wonders what he's thinking about. They've been together for half a year now, and Sakura likes to think that she's learned how to read Sasuke well: what he wants to but doesn't say, what he's thinking of, all the little subtleties in the quirk of an eyebrow or the curve of his lips. These walks though—these walks they take at night in the snow, when it's as if the whole world is dead, the whole world is silent and mute and incapable of speech, that's when she feels the furthest from him.

All the progress—all the distances she has traversed and crossed in order to reach him, all that effort disappears along with the rest of the world into the white of the snow. Sakura bites her lip and what has she accomplished?

Nothing, she answers her own question, she has accomplished nothing.

And she sighs—a soft sound, but Sasuke hears her anyways, hears her and looks up and it's like he's almost startled to find her next to him. He stops, the movement abrupt, and Sakura stops with him.

Her gloved hands dangle by her side; his are tucked in the pockets of his dark grey coat.

(She'd bought him that coat.)

Sasuke takes a shallow breath, struggles with it like he is fighting with what he wants to say before stopping, gaze drifting away again. Sakura tries to hide her disappointment, but then there is a light tug, and she looks down to see he's taken out his hand and linked their pinkies together. She smiles, and out of the corner of her eye she thinks he might be too, a subtle softening in the normally grim line of his mouth.

And there is still space between them, barely enough for another person to fit, but—Sakura curls her fingers more tightly around his—now they are linked, and that is enough.

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Fandom: Naruto
Prompt: How to eat bananas


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(...I have too many ideas for this prompt. THIS ISN'T HEALTHY, I SWEAR.)

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Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Sasuke/Sakura
Prompt: Mulan :)

Good luck with all these requests~


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Fandom: The Hunger Games
Character: Haymitch.
Prompt: Magic, remembrance, death

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I can make my own request! I am excited!!! :)

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Sasuke/Sakura (because I am a die-hard fan, so deal with it! LOL)
Prompt: We Found Love by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris (I find this song very SasuSaku)

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Annie, I am so sorry! This request is mine! I thought that I'm signed in and now I can't delete it... what a fool. LOL

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Fandom: A:tLA
Pairing: Zutara.

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Whenever I'd try to embed the youtube video, the whole page would go crazy. :( So here is the link to the song.


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Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: U. Sasuke & H. Sakura
Prompt: "Say you like me" by We the Kings

Gosh, the first time (which was a couple of days ago) I saw this I was like: THIS IS SO COOL! I'd like to put up a request!
Then I was like: er--should I?
So it took me days to finally to put up a request because the first time I saw the song SasuSaku popped up in my mind

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fandom: harry potter!
pairing: DRAMIONE. please. ♥
prompt: teaching hermione how to fly >:D

ALSO, request a gift!fic from me, because then i'll actually have to sit down and write. naruto/inuyasha/thg/hp!

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Hellooooooooooooo! And she emerges from the hallowed halls of tumblr! 8D


fandom: HP
pairing: Harry/Hermione
prompt: tent!fic, lullabies, what-if's. (You don't have to do all three!)

But if you can't do Hhr, theeeeeeeen;

fandom: The Hunger Games
pairing: Finnick/Katniss, OR Finnick, Katniss. Platonic or not is fine.
prompt: When the smoke clears.

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Ranma maybe?

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Can I request Ranma 1/2?

Fandom: Ranma 1/2
Pairing: Ranma/Akane
Prompt: Regrets/Bittersweet

Ah well, not sure if you know Ranma, so if not, I'll be happy with Naruto! :)

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Sasuke/Sakura
Prompt: Regrets/Bittersweet

Thank you so much!!!! You're awesome! :)

Re: Ranma maybe?

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I don't know Ranma 1/2, sorry. ;n;
I'll do my best with Naruto though!

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lol, I totally loved your latest chapter for "Long Way Home." You are my hero:)

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Saku/Naru/Sasu love triangle
Prompt: "Dude. Sasuke. You put the 'awk' into 'awkward.'"
"What the hell is an 'awk?'"

Your prompt, should you choose to accept it, is "What the hell is an "awk."

You rock my socks!!!!!

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Fandom: BLEACH
Characters: Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Nnoitra
Prompts: unintentional bonfire

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Fandom: Avatar: TLA
Characters: Zuko, Toph
Prompts: needing a disguise

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Fandom: FairyTail
Pairing: Lucy/Loki
Prompt: poor skills in directions/navigation

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cvbnjmlk can I leave moreeee?

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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees you can. 8D

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fandom: Naruto
pairing: SasuSaku
prompt: how to chew a tomato

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fandom: YJ
pairing: Mgann/KF
prompt: bend over

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Fandom: YJ
Character(s)/Pairing(s): older Mgann/Dick
Prompt: "It's called a condom, you know."


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Fandom: YJ
Character/Pairing: Roy/Artemis
Prompt(s): Coffee, muffins. I think it'd be funny to run into Roy and have Artemis NOT KNOW who he was and then he'd hit on her to dissuade her from drawing conclusions. You don't have to take the last part.

Fandom: YJ
Character/Pairing: Kaldur/Artemis
Prompt(s): Go crazy.

Fandom: YJ
Character/Pairing: Dick/Artemis


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Sasuke x Sakura
Prompt: “I love you; don’t be with him, don’t want him, don’t go with him. Be with me. Want me. Stay with me.
I don’t know how to be without you.”


Re: Request

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This is Blue Aidelle btw. :)))

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