Brennan/Booth; Misconceptions

Date: 2011-11-13 06:19 pm (UTC)
Sweets once wrote a book about Booth and Brennan, and in it, he’d dedicated an entire chapter to the polarity of the dynamic duo’s relationship and the impact it had on both their professional and personal relationship. It’s all about the push and pull, he’d wrote, a clashing of ideals and methodology that is responsible for Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan’s success as a team. It is the same reason, he’d continued, for why even though both have sought out extensive sexual partners in the past, in the end they always end up returning to each other for emotional gratification.

Brain and heart; the logical versus the instinctive; and opposites always attract.

He’d been so smug, Sweets thought, had been so sure that he had had the chemistry of their relationship pinned down to a perfect T, dissected and analyzed and predicted to within an inch of who should make that first, final move, and how.

And Sweets wasn’t bragging when he said he was a good psychologist, a great psychologist actually, but wow if he hadn’t been totally wrong, totally flabbergasted and bowled over and Stonehenge’d by Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan.

Agent Booth had gone and taken his advice, and the next thing Sweets knew Brennan was running off to Maluku and Booth was fastidiously banging blond bombshells in Iraq. Who’d been the brains and who’d been the heart then? Because when it really came down to it, when it came down to holding someone’s hand for comfort and writing down last wishes in the darkness of a buried car, when it came down to gritting your teeth and methodically hunting down a mentor, an old friend, with a sniper’s rifle and a hard heart—how can anyone tell?

Sweets hadn’t liked talking about his book so much after that.

Watching Dr. Brennan’s amused smile as Booth knelt, one ear pressed to her heavily rounded stomach and hands resting naturally against the gentle swell of her hips, he wondered if he didn’t owe the two an apology.

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