Part 1 (THAT ICON)

Date: 2011-11-12 07:02 am (UTC)
PSSSSH, YOU CAN ASK FOR A THOUSAND, INDIRA. (althoughwhetherI'ddothemallisanotherthingaltogetehr)

For your Inuyasha fill! And I'm way too lazy to pick up any pitchforks. 8D


After the fighting, after Naraku, sometimes during rainy nights Inuyasha wakes up forgetting who he’s holding in the circle of his arms. He looks down and sees long hair, inky in the darkness, spilling over pale shoulders, and then her smell—tinged with rain and regret.

Kikyou, he almost whispers, Kikyou, wake up.

And he expects her to. He expects this girl’s eyes to open, and her expression to be weary but amused. He expects a husky reprimand of hushed laughter, a you can never sleep when it rains, can you? He expects to quiet her with a kiss, tangling his fingers in her hair while she whispers of duties and early mornings, of Kaede sleeping too close in the next room.

But then the moment will pass, and Kagome, he realizes, it’s Kagome and too many years later. It’s Kagome and he loves her so much that sometimes he feels like he’ll burst with wanting, with the need to touch her and make sure she’s really there.

At the same time though, at the same time a corner of his heart sighs with something like missed opportunities and the dull edges of old aches. And he misses her—he misses Kikyou, and the quiet and the seriousness and the way she always knew to wake up for him when it rained.

Afterwards, he’s never been able to go back to sleep.
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